Pre arrival COVID-19 update

Pre arrival COVID-19 update

In order for us to protect you and the various staff involved in the preparing and cleaning of our properties for other guests we are providing the following information to you;


It should be noted that Applicants / Tenants/ Guests are to adhere to Covid 19 Government Regulations and Restrictions .

Check In and Check Out Times 

Chrys, the owner, will be in touch with you directly if there is any alteration to your check in or check out time. These times need to be adhered to. Standard times are 4pm arrival.10am  departure

During Your Stay 

NO visiting guests are permitted to visit the property or garden at this time.

If you or a member of your group develop a cough or fever (however mild) or suspect that you are showing signs of Covid-19 while visiting YOU MUST inform your property manager/owner. Guests with symptoms will have to vacate the property immediately along with all other guests to self-isolate at home. 

We request all guests to only attend if they are fit and well and showing no signs of Covid-19. 

  • When washing kitchen and dining equipment remember to use hot water, check that the dishwasher is at an appropriate setting (60 + degrees).
  • Guests are expected to wash hands regularly, use handsantiser, wipe surfaces and maintain good hygiene while staying to help mitigate the risk of transferring the virus. 

Departure Check List 

Please leave damp towels and bathmats in bathtub/shower tray and used tea towels and oven gloves in the washing machine. Please leave the bed with bedding/quilt over the foot of the bed to commence airing ahead of cleaners stripping the bed. 

ALL rubbish MUST be bagged and removed from the property (Including kitchen bins, paper waste bins, bathroom bins, please double check for any stray tissues!)

Please remove ALL food and any items you have bought into the property.

Weather permitting, please leave all windows slightly open (fixed open by using lever)  also bedroom doors and other internal doors to be left open using their door stops or hooks. 

General Information

For us to be able to minimise the risks and to try to provide a safer environment:

  • DVD'S, games, maps and books may be removed or limited: Those which remain will have had a minimum 72 hr ‘quarantine’ 
  • Soft furnishings may be removed (Not including bedding and where towels are provided). Those which remain will have had a minimum 72 hr ‘quarantine’.
  • Engineers and call out staff may not be able to attend the property during occupation, where possible we will do our best to assist at a safe distance.
  • Where stock is limited, please come prepared; toilet roll, hand soap etc.  Some is provided; more may be required for all of your needs. 
  • We recommend bringing gloves, masks, sanitiser and remember to wash your hands frequently when coming and going from the property. Some hand sanitiser, soap and cleaning products are provided; more may be required for all of your needs. 
  • It is advisable to remove shoes when inside the property. 

Booking Conditions and Information 

  • It is a good idea to bring a first aid kit with you to include paracetamol and thermometer.
  • You will ensure your vehicle(s) are full with fuel in case you need to return home unexpectedly, it is advised that you have a contingency plan should anyone in your group fall ill. It may be someone other than you needs to be insured to drive in the event you are unable to.
  • We expect all our guests to follow the Government Guidelines. As these may change, it is expected that guests adhere to updated restrictions both local and national.

We rely on your full co-operation to ensure we can continue to operate, keep all of our staff safe and other holiday makers too.

Whilst we cannot guarantee properties are free from infection, we would like to let you know that each of our property owners/managers have been informed of all latest Government Protocols on property preparation to help minimise risk.

The owners and the property management team do not accept any liability for any member becoming ill while on holiday, as the virus has an incubation period of 14 days this could have been contracted prior to your stay.

Thank you for your support and help in trying to keep properties safe for you and others, we hope you have a pleasant and restful stay.