Sleeps 14 (plus 2) in large country house with 7 bedrooms

Dog Friendly

Being dog owners ourselves we appreciate that any holiday wouldn't feel complete without her, so we fully understand that leaving your dog behind wouldn't seem fair, especially when there are beautiful walks to enjoy so close to Hurstone; a walk through the rolling countryside and along the nearby trails wouldn't be the same without that special friend by your side.
Be assured that your (well behaved) dog is very welcome at Hurstone, but by prior arrangement /agreement only. Please speak to us to make arrangements as certain restrictions apply. A charge of £75  will be added to the booking total. Only 1 dog per group may be booked and there are dog rules which must be adhered to; please make sure you have read these before planning to bring your dog. 

Dog Rules !

Whislt we welcome dogs and enjoy having them to stay we do of course have a few helpful rules, simply to ensure you can plan your time here and we can maintain standards for all future guests.

It is asked that dogs sleep in a crate at night but if this is not possible please speak to us and follow our guidelines as to where the dog should sleep. Please note that Dogs are not allowed in the annex. Please bring their dog basket, blanket, towels, and doggie home comforts, they will appreicate the familiarity and find it easier to settle. 
Ensure that your dog is kept off all furniture in the house and they do not go upstairs.
Please ensure that wet and/or muddy dogs are dried off with a towel before being allowed into the house. 
Dogs are not allowed in/on the hot tub or on its steps.
Dogs are not allowed to be left unattended in the property at any time.                    
Please ensure all dog mess is picked up (garden, yard, grounds) throughout your stay and before you leave on the morning of departure.
Please be aware that surrounding Hurstone and the immediately neighbouring farmland may contain livestock and wildlife. Please be courteous and make sure that dogs are kept on leads and full supervision is given at all times.
We are happy to provide a small number of doggie essentials by way of a welcome including some spare dog towels and blankets in case you haven't brought enough. Please help yourself and leave used towels and blankets on the trunk or by the back door on the day of your departure. Other blankets and towels (in the linen cupboard) are for two legged guests only.
thank you

and some extra dog friendly info

In addition to the walking routes on Hurstone's doorstep (plenty of maps available) you will find some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery of the region within easy (drivable) distance - wooded hillsides, river valleys, open fields, vast heathlands, clifftops, coastal paths and winding country lanes, not to mention some dog friendly beaches along the North Somerset Coast and Exmoor National Park ......all fantastic dog walking country, and there are the dog friendly pubs of course .
Many of the National Trust Properties happily welcome dogs in their grounds and gardens, but remember to bring your dog lead, and you may wish to bring an extendable lead or long lead too as many paths are near farms, livestock and nature reserves where it is vital that dogs are kept on leads and under control.