Hurstone - CCTV and Noise Monitors

Hurstone - CCTV and Noise Monitors

We want you to be aware that as per our Facts A-Z, there are CCTV and noise monitors at Hurstone. There is also a clause regarding this in our Terms & Conditions, which are agreed to at the time of booking.


CCTV covers the entrance gate, back gate, parking area and the garden at the front of the house. This has been installed to ensure the safety of guests and to deter intruders. The CCTV is never monitored and recordings are deleted forever after 30 days at the most. We very strictly comply with all privacy and data protection laws and the only reason that recorded images would be used would be for lawful purposes.


There are noise monitors installed in the games room and drawing room at Hurstone. This is purely because we have to be considerate of neighbouring properties; the noise monitors don’t under any circumstances, record conversations or specific sounds, all they do is measure sound levels. If, during your stay, the noise monitors detect excessive noise continuously for 15 minutes or more, the Owner might contact you to politely let you know this. If the noise continues further action might be taken, such as a fee to cover potential losses due to complaints from neighbours. In extreme cases, you might be asked to vacate the property. Fortunately, this type of thing is very rare and most of our guests come to Hurstone for quiet enjoyment of the property and its beautiful surroundings.

To reiterate – CCTV is not there to watch you and noise monitors are not there to listen to you, it’s there for the safety of guests and the property. The best thing is to forget about it and enjoy every minute of your stay at Hurstone – we want you to have a wonderful time!

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