Hurstone – Electric Vehicle Charging

Hurstone – Electric Vehicle Charging

We appreciate that more and more people are now turning to electric vehicles and that charging points are being installed at many holiday cottages in the UK. This is something we may consider in the future but in the meantime although we don’t have facilities for charging cars, it’s only a very short drive (less than 3 miles) to the nearest charging points in Wiveliscombe.

Our insurance restricts us from allowing guests to charge electric vehicles using a standard outdoor plug or running a cable from the house to the car. This is strictly not allowed because of regulations regarding wiring, voltage restrictions and earthing rods. In short, doing so could overload the circuit and it poses a serious fire risk to any standard 13 inch socket; there is also a danger that the body of the car could become live, the consequences of which don’t bear thinking about.

When you book a holiday at Hurstone you agree to these rules. If you think you may need to charge your vehicle when you are out and about on your holiday in Somerset this Zap Map will show you where the local charging points are.

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